Horizontal centricast tubes

Application: roller- radiant- furnace- tubes, line pipes,  muffles, retorts, fittings etc.

Technical advantages : Lower weight/meter compared to a round bar, no ovality and absolute concentricity in fully  machined parts, fine grain structure, high metallurgical cleanliness, high flexibility in the choice of dimensions, thicker wall thicknesses compared with rolled or extruded tubes.

Executions: raw as cast, machined inside and/or outside (max length 6 m), machined outside, inside honed (max length 5 m), fully machined parts/components.

Dimensional range:

Outside diameter (OD): 80-1250 mm
Inside diameter (ID): over 45 mm
Wallthickness: up to 150 mm
Lengths: up to 5,2 m (in multiple lengths upto 15 m)
  • Horizontal centricast tubes